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Missoni Family Cookbook

Missoni Family Cookbook

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"Every bit as vibrant as the style for which the 65-year-old house is known."
- The New York Times

A true celebration of family traditions comes together in a 240 page cookbook by Francesco Maccapani Missoni—the son of Angela Missoni and Marco Maccapani and the grandson of Tai and Rosita Missoni—founders of the eponymous fashion house.

Since 1970, Missoni—a four generations Italian fashion house—celebrates life. Their Family Cookbook perfectly captures this spirit with bursts of colour and sun-filled photos of the family members: you spot Angela Missoni preparing Zucchini alla Parmigiana; founders Tai and Rosita Missoni are caught in the kitchen; vintage photos of the family gatherings and celebrations transport you right beside the legendary Italian family. It all feels very personal, flipping through the pages creates a feeling of being sat right beside this legendary Italian family.

The cookbook carries a truly Italian spirit, encapsulating passion and candid attitude to food tradition and the joy it brings. A collection of 240 pages with illustrations, notes and precious recipes that respect the tradition, sustainability, locality, and seasonality.

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