3 essential addresses in Paris, bursting with vibrant Parisian energy, honest cooking with great hearty food that is modern and timeless.
Known by every food conscious local, and now you’re aware of them too.




One of the places which has quickly become loved by the locals—Balagan—is known for its unpretentious atmosphere. Playful and rich middle eastern flavours, orchestrated by the team of professionals from the “Experimental Group” and famous Israeli pair of chefs: Assaf Granit (who controls everything in his restaurants in London and Israel, down to the tiniest details), and Uri Navon (responsible for the award winning Palomar and the Barbary in London). They follow the path of “keeping it simple and delicious”, which is made possible by the great deal of knowledge and professionalism involved.

Located on the ground floor of the Hôtel Renaissance Paris Vendôme, Balagan has a thoughtful custom design: prevailing light-blue colour with golden elements, such as the «smiling» mirrors by Alexander Girard. One of the notable details is a «zero» distance from an open kitchen—a pleasant bonus which grants an opportunity to be served by the chefs. It is now almost a tradition to have your Jerusalem Cheesecake plated and brought out by the chefs, accompanied by a loud cheerful «hei her» and clapping by others—a moment where the real festive spirit of Balagan comes out!

9 Rue d'Alger
T : +33 1 40 20 72 14
W :



Vivant 2

Vivant 2 has alluring personal touch that starts the moment you open the door. “Bonsoir, bienvenue!” heard at the doorstep, while entering a space which seats no more than 25. Free from polished service approach, yet an epitome of the modern interpretation of french haute cuisine, it is lead by the classically trained ambitious chef Pierre Touitou, who cooks for passion, and does so right in front of you as the amount of physical space is very limited.

Pierre Touitou, a new generation of young Parisian chefs, at the age of 24, has already worked plenty abroad and was matured by the elite of french gastronomy figures, including Alain Ducasse and Philippe Marc at Plaza Athénée, and Pierre Gagnaire at Sketch in London which gave him a solid classical training.

A special feeling toward asian flavours and Pierre’s Tunisian origins are highlighted in his menu: «Tunisian» tuna grilled with a soy sauce, as a specialty; veal with miso sauce; rolled squid marinated in shiso; Saint - Pierre with truffles and butter; oven-baked apple with sesame for the dessert, apart from that is attracts natural wine lovers, since it has an imposing wine collection and a solicitous sommelier.

Considering the impressive long marble bar, with lots of «single» seats, vintage dancing tunes, starting to gel louder later at nights it is comfortable and enjoyable to come in a company as well as solo, while chef will adventurously takes challenge to adjust dishes from the menu to your liking.

Last year it has been renewed and upgraded, with the name getting an additional “2” to the old Vivant. The queueing game for the seasonal menu (that remained with a bit of an asian twist), is more than real, therefore booking is strongly recommended.

43 Rue des Petites-Écuries
T : +33 9 67 49 96 26

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Le Baratin—already a legend in Paris, the bistro has become a benchmark for the simple and perfect dishes full of energy. With an authentic home feeling created by the owner and chef, who is a native Argentinian—Raquel Caren—a 60-year-old woman, who cooks with a glass of wine and a free spirit.

Recently, Le Baratin was nominated at World Restaurant Awards in a “Red-Wine Serving Restaurant” category. And it has particularly been crowded since the favorable mention in Anthony Bourdain’s Paris episode, leading to the increased interest from the customers; thus be aware that booking is required.

Home atmosphere is created by the humble and unpretentious interior, with slightly retro attire and a colorful mosaic floor. The menu is written on a chalkboard, while the wine list is enriched with natural and bio dynamic offerings overseen by the co-owner Philippe Pinoteau.

Heartwarming cooking and earnest portions of the dishes that change regularly, menu always includes variations with meat and fish, such as tender calamari with fresh herbs, sardines tartelettes or a roasted Basque lamb with vegetables.

3 Rue Jouye-Rouve
T : +33 1 43 49 39 70