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The Manzoni RESTAURANT by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio

The Manzoni RESTAURANT by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio

Tom Dixon Credit:

Tom Dixon

For a long time, renowned English designer Tom Dixon had wanted to create a space for people to slow down and reflect. In 2016 this idea was partly satisfied in a temporary exposition “Restaurant”. “Restaurant” was presented in a series of 4 spectacular sculptural kitchens, inspired and named after each of the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

Later in 2019 Tom Dixon decided that “it is the right time to forget being temporary and build something permanent” as a logical continuation of the successful pop-ups, showcased during previous editions of the Design Week.

"There is nothing dustier than a conventional lighting and furniture showroom. But with The Manzoni, people are able to experience our new collections in an active context.”

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At Milan Design Week 2019 we had a pleasure to witness the opening of The Manzoni restaurant in the center of Milan. Upon entering, it became clear that The Manzoni is a complete and perfectly executed creative concept, with a sharp aesthetic, which also houses the designer’s showroom. What comes first—food experience or design? In The Manzoni the guests are invited to take a minute to slow down and experience the designer’s vision, in a setting that harmoniously blends dining experience into the design context.

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and desserts are all in a perfect monochrome, to be enjoyed at the bar made of a monolithic block of granite, walls covered in lava stone tiles executed in a refreshing spring green colour. The space gradually transforms into a dining area with a long dark communal table.

GUSTATORIAL Paper_spring lighting for the formal dining area.jpg

Calming and quite monochrome is interrupted with vivid green plants and shiny gold details in the lounge area. An unexpected discovery—a courtyard that features a custom-made round marble table and comforting light for a late night private dining experience.

Monochrome theme as a dominant feature that is present in decor elements is also replicated on a plate, as the dishes include one “black” element such as black Venus rice, grey meringue or black chocolate biscuit.

A new 100 covers restaurant will open in May 2019 in Milan.

The Manzoni
Via Alessandro Manzoni, 5
20121 Milano

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Credit: The Manzoni

Credit: The Manzoni

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